We're back!

We're back!

Hi friends! 

If you've followed along on our business-building adventure, you watched us start the FBOMB food business in a small 400 square foot incubator space in Flagstaff.  We began that business out of a personal need for clean, junk-free low carb snack options.  We brought passion and energy, driving success and growth.

Over the next couple of years, we grew quickly and attracted lots of attention...including the eye of some investors.  We partnered with them and there was definitely some good to come of that relationship, including much growth.  Unfortunately, as we became minority owners, we lost our voice in the business, and the business changed.  One of the changes involved a merger with another brand which took a huge hit during the pandemic, and those losses also cut into the FBOMB business.

Well, we've recently had the opportunity to purchase the FBOMB brand back!  The deal is so new that the ink hasn't yet dried.  But we wanted to let the world know that we are resuming control of the FBOMB brand and we look forward to returning to the core values which fueled our initial growth.  A huge part of those values involved the genuine relationships and friendships we'd formed with so many wonderful people.  Kara and I are really excited to renew those relationships and have the opportunity to interact with our old friends in the health, nutrition, and fitness environments once again...representing the brand and products we love and believe in.

As we move things forward, we'll try to keep you updated here in these blog posts.  But for now, let me just say that it feels really, really good to be back and we promise great things are coming.

Be well,

Ross and Kara Taylor - Founders of the FBOMB

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